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Saturday, April 9

More Rite Aid Deals for 4/10-16

OK, so I might be just a little.....shall we say.....addicted to Rite Aid!!
Here's another link to this weeks deal at Rite Aid from Hip2Save.

Hip2Save (in my never to be humble opinion) has the best lists for Rite Aid! She highlights in RED what the best deals are, either MM(Money Makers) or SUPER CHEAP!!

Some of these scenarios include coupons that you may not have, don't fret just skip over them. You'll build up your stash of coupons soon enough & deals always come back around.

I wish I had time to list all of the MM's & Steals, but my husband would like my attention more!

Go to Hip2Save here.

Target deals for week of 4/10

The Krazy Coupon Lady has the Target deals up for the week of 4/10.
Check it out here.

Samples You Should Request Today!

Requesting samples is a great way to get to try new products, and samples often come with high value coupons.  So, get your "couponing" e-mail address ready and start requesting!

Dove Men+Care Deodorant (Thanks, Hip 2 Save!)

U by Kotex (Thanks, Frugal Living NW!)

Purex Complete with Zout (Thanks, Regular Mom!)

P&G Brand Sampler (Register and request your sample packs once every 3 months)

Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl  (Thanks, Hip 2 Save!)

Fiber Choice (Click on the "Get Your Free Sample Today" banner at the bottom of the page.) 

Aveeno Hair Care (Thanks, Keeping Cents!)

Maximum Strength Zantac 150

Carefree (Thanks, Coupon Katarina!)

MiraLAX (Thanks, Hip 2 Save!)

Breathe Right Strips (Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady!)

Become a member of Vocalpoint and Kraft First Taste in order to receive regular samples and product coupons.  Check your accounts often because they are frequently offering new products!

Let me know if any of these links doesn't work or if they are no longer offering the free sample.  As of the time of this posting, they were all working for me.

Walgreens Deals for 4/10-16

Frugal Living NW has their deals for Walgreens 4/10-16 up here.

Rite Aid deals for 4/10-16

The Krazy Coupon Lady has deals up for Rite Aid, check them out here.
Also check out Hip2Save's posting here.

Friday, April 8

FREE Gillette Body Wash at Rite Aid, starting 4/10


Here is a little preview into the Rite Aid ad starting Sunday 4/10.

Gillette or Old Spice Body Wash $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward, Limit 2
B1G1 Free Gillette Body Wash, excludes trial size up to $4.99 from PG 4/3
Free Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Wash, up to $5.99 when you buy 1 Old Spice Fresh Collection Product from PG 4/3
$1.00/2 Old Spice products, 1.7 oz. or larger from PG 4/3

Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash $5.98
Use B1G1 Free Gillette Body Wash, excludes trial size up to $4.99 from PG 4/3
Pay $2.99, Receive $4.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $1.01 MONEYMAKER

Thanks, KCL
Check here to see the other deals coming to Rite Aid

Thursday, April 7

Birthday Bonuses

I recently celebrated my birthday, and besides the gifts I received from my friends and family, I've also been receiving gifts from companies like Cost Plus, Walgreens and Starbucks.  Simply by signing up for their rewards programs (all of which are free), I got a postcard for a free drink (any size, any type) from Starbucks, a $5 reward certificate from Walgreens, and a $10 reward certificate from Cost Plus!  Here's how you can get in on the action:

Walgreens Rewards (only for those living in the greater Portland, OR / Richmond, VA / Kansas City, MO areas)

Cost Plus World Market - WM Explorer

My Starbucks Rewards

I also got a coupon e-mailed to me from Noodles & Co. for a free bowl (it's good for a set amount of time, not just on my birthday.

Remember to set up a couponing e-mail address that is separate from your personal e-mail so that you don't get spam in your regular e-mail account.  Try Yahoo! or Gmail.

Great Deal on High Quality Ground Beef

For the past year or so I've been buying my chicken and ground beef from Zaycon Foods, a NW distributor of high quality meat. About 4 times a year they deliver ground beef to the Portland area, and about 4 times a year they deliver boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The next delivery is ground beef, and you must place your order by April 18 (or earlier, in case they run out). Here is my experience with this company:

I've ordered chicken twice and ground beef once. They sell their chicken in 40-lb boxes. It seems like a large amount, but my family of 4 can easily go through the entire box in 3 or 4 months. The chicken was $1.59/lb last time it was delivered, which is unbeatable! It comes fresh (never frozen), and I plan to spend a few hours on the day I pick it up trimming, cooking, shredding, chopping, sealing and freezing it. Then I'm all set for the next few months. Their chicken has no added hormones, additives or aritifical ingredients.

The ground beef comes in 10-lb chubs of fresh (never frozen), finely ground meat. You can buy either 93/7 super lean for $2.89/lb or 86/14 lean for $2.69/lb. I bought the 93/7 and was very pleased with the quality and grind of the meat. Again, I broke it down into 1-lb portions and froze it. Their ground beef is USA raised; no chemicals, additives or water added during processing; no hormones or antibiotics; grain-fed cattle. You must purchase your beef in 30-lb increments, I believe. Remember, they're packaged in 10-lb chubs. You can easily share the order with friends this way. I bought 20 lbs for my family and my mom bought the other 10 lbs.

I just received the e-mail from Zaycon today informing me of the upcoming ground beef event. If you're at all interested, visit their website and register. You'll get information about the upcoming event. Locally they'll be delivering in Oregon City and Salem on April 20. They bring a refrigerated truck to one location in the city and you go there and pick up your order.

I highly recommend this company's products, based on my experience. The super lean ground beef usually sells for around $3.99/lb at Fred Meyer, and I've never found a better price on chicken breasts, even at Costco!

Wednesday, April 6

Can You Get Useful Stuff for Free With Coupons?

We get this question all the time. "Aren't most coupons for useless things?" Well, I've got another great example of how couponing can help you stock up on quality products for almost free.

Today I went to Target, and here's what I got:

1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash on clearance for $1.98
1 Trial-sized Men's Dove Deodorant (free with purchase of body wash)
4 Skittles Blenders $.69 each
4 Olay Facial Wet Cleansing Cloths (30-ct)$4.99 each
Value pack Satin Care Shaving Cream (2 full-sized and 1 travel size) on clearance for $2.38
Total: $27.08

Coupons I used:
$1/1 Dove Men+Care coupon from 3/27 RP
$1/1 Dove coupon (Target coupon)
(2) $1/2 Skittles Blenders coupon (Target coupon)
(2) $.50/2 Skittles coupons
(4) $2/1 Olay Facial coupons from 3/27 SS
$1/1 Olay Facial coupon from Target Beauty booklet (came in the mail)

My OOP total was $13.34, but I received 2 $5 gift cards at the end, and I paid with a $10 gift card I had gotten previously from transferring a prescription. So, my total was $3.34 for all the stuff in the picture. The best part: my family will use all of it (my kids will love the Skittles in their Easter baskets)!

So, the answer to the question is YES! you can get useful stuff for free with coupons!

How to Make Money on Your Medications

I know, it sounds crazy.  With the prices of medications skyrocketing, how in the world could you make money buying them? 

If you have prescriptions filled regularly, like your child's flouride for example, you can transfer those prescriptions from pharmacy to pharmacy and earn money doing it.  This works best if you have good pharmacy benefits or if the prescription(s) you are taking is part of a store's $4 prescription list (like at Walmart or Target).  Here's what I do:

1) Get new prescription from my doctor
2) Take that prescription to Target and use my "Free $10 Gift Card with purchase of a new or transferred prescription" coupon
3) Once my prescription has run out, I take my Target medication bottle to Fred Meyer, Rite Aid or QFC (whichever pharmacy is having a promotion like the Target one) and ask them to transfer my prescription. 
4) If there is currently no promotion at another store, I will refill it at Target until I find another promotion going on.  DO NOT transfer it until you have a coupon (or know of a promotion at Fred Meyer, where they don't require a coupon).
5) Continue transferring your prescription until you have had it filled at all the stores that do this promotion.  Here are the ones I know of:
  • Fred Meyer - $25 for each transferred prescription (through May 14).  The $25 is given to you in the form of a credit on your rewards card, which may be used on any purchase of $25 or more when you use your rewards card.  Make sure you mention to the pharmacy tech when you pick up your prescription that this is a transfer, and they will scan a special barcode that gives you the $25 credit.
  • Target - $10 for each NEW or transferred prescription (must have coupon; can get as many gift cards as you want, as long as you have enough coupons for each prescription).  This is the only pharmacy that I know of that will give you a gift card for a NEW prescription, so always start the cycle here, and transfer it from here to another pharmacy.
  • Rite Aid - $25 for a transferred prescription.  You will receive a $25 gift card for Rite Aid.  I haven't seen one of these coupons in a while, so I'm not sure if they are participating any more.  If the coupons come out, they'll be in their Sunday store ad.  If you see one, use it before Fred Meyer, because the Rite Aid ones are rarer.
  • Albertsons - $25 for each transferred prescription.  You'll receive a $25 Albertsons gift card.  These are also fairly infrequent, but totally worth it when they come around.
  • QFC - $25 for each transferred prescription.  I believe you can only do this one if you aren't transferring the prescription from another Kroger affiliate store (Fred Meyer, for example).  The information about these will be in the QFC store ad.

I used to get all my prescriptions through the mail order pharmacy because it was easier.  Now, I get everything from the retail pharmacies and transfer them as often as I can.  If you have a current prescription at a pharmacy other than Fred Meyer, and it has refills available on it, try transferring it to Fred Meyer sometime before May 14 and get your credit.  You can transfer as many different prescriptions as you'd like.

Albertsons Deals for April 6-12

Check out Happy Money Saver's post listing all of this week's Albertsons coupon match-ups.  Not a ton of incredible deals, but you may want to browse the list in case you're looking for some of the items that are on sale.

If you haven't printed it yet, don't forget your copy of the Albertsons Corporate Coupon Policy. 

Cheap Chinet Plates or Cups at Safeway

This week at Safeway (through April 12) you can get Chinet plates or cups for $0.49 each!  Here's how:

Buy Chinet 15 to 25-ct plates or bowls $2.50
Use in-ad coupon, making the price $1.99 ea.
Use $1.00/1 Chinet coupon (must login or register-you can print 2 per computer)
Use Safeway double (-$0.50)
Fianl price: $0.49 each

Remember, to use any in-ad coupons at Safeway your total (before coupons) must be at least $10.  In this case, you could purchase 2 pkg. of plates or bowls (that's the limit on the coupon), which brings your pre-coupon price to $5, which means you must purchase at least $5 in additional products to qualify for the in-ad coupons.  Check out this week's Safeway deals here to find other items to add to your purchase.

Target Assignment---Cheap Diet Pepsi Skinny

Here's an easy way to try your hand at Target coupons stacked with a manufacturer coupon.
Remember to watch the register to make sure your total is going down.

Special Purchase Offer:
Save $3 when you buy a Diet Pepsi Skinny 4 Pack AND People Magazine (this was not advertised at my store, but it did deduct $3)

Deal Scenario #1:
Buy 2 Diet Pepsi Skinny Cans 4 Pack $1.99 each
Buy People Magazine $4.99
Total = $8.97
Minus the automatic $3 deduction at checkout
Use the buy one get one free Diet Pepsi Skinny coupon found
Plus, use the $2/1 People Magazine Manufacturer’s Coupon found on
Final cost ONLY $1.98 for all 3 items!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 2 Diet Pepsi Skinny Cans 4 Pack $1.99 each
Buy 2 People Magazines $4.99 each
Total = $13.96
Minus automatic $6 deduction at checkout
Use the buy one get one free Diet Pepsi Skinny coupon found
Plus, use two $2/1 People Magazine Manufacturer’s Coupons found on
Final cost ONLY $1.97 for all 4 items!

I just went and did this deal at Target. My People magazine (which I'll look through for coupons & then throw away!) rang up at $4.49.

This will cost you $1.97-$1.98, including deposit.
Thanks, Hip2Save

Safeway Deals for 4/6-12

Frugal Living NW has posted their deals for Safeway using their Double Coupon.
To see their listing click here.

Customize your Coupon plan for any Diet!

The top question on many people’s minds after watching shows like Extreme Couponing on TLC is simple: Can I experience my own extreme coupon savings without the extreme lifestyle? Is it possible to save money without spending countless hours clipping furiously? Can I save 50% on a $100 grocery cart full of healthy foods? The answer is “yes”! The best thing about couponing, is you can tailor it to fit any lifestyle, any diet and any family- seriously! This will be the first in a series of posts on HOW TO GET THE EXTREME COUPONING SAVINGS WITHOUT THE EXTREME LIFESTYLE!

This article is from The Krazy Coupon Lady.

To read the whole article, please visit KCL's site (here).

Tuesday, April 5

Why couponing is so great for your family!!

Last week I couldn't have cared less about doing any couponing deals.
I really don't know what I missed & that's OK with me, some weeks are like that.

This week has been great so far & it's only been 2 days. I don't do any shopping on Sundays so that's why it's only been 2 days for me.

You'll need to click on the photos to see them up close, I'm having trouble with iPhoto right now. When I fix it, then I'll get them fixed here.

DAY 1:

The paper I got at Staples for FREE (after rebate/coupons), however I used previous rebate $, so no money left my wallet!

The rest of the stuff is from Rite Aid, oh I had a blast!!
After coupons, +Ups & rebates I will make $16.57!! But you could really say I got all of these products PLUS $16.57 because once again I paid for all of those items at the register using previous rebate $.


DAY 1 Con't:

Onto Albertsons

I did this in 2 transactions at 2 different stores.
All in total I paid $6.50, plus I also have 2 coupons for FREE milk to use later.


Monday was a HUGE day, it only cost me $6.50 for all of that!

DAY 2:

Albertsons (yes, again)
This cost me $4, notice the M&Ms? There were peelie coupons on the Rice Krispies for FREE M&Ms at checkout. PLUS 2 more coupons for FREE milk.


Now, if you've seen the Kelloggs deal (here) you'll see how I did it.

Kelloggs is also offering a rebate of $10 for every 10 boxes you buy (select kinds). This is a program that is going all year so you don't have to buy them right now, but I would suggest soon. They may end the program early, you just never know. Go here for details on the rebate program.

So now I have acquired 10+ of the participating boxes & will get a $10 gift card soon.

Tuesday cost me $4!

Then all this came in the mail Monday & Tuesday.
Always send away for free things in the mail, my pile is huge with this stuff and they're great little gifts if you don't use them.
Plus, a lot of times you'll get some great coupons!


I may be all couponed out this week, but look at what I got in 2 days with only spending $10.50 OOP (out of pocket).

If you think you don't have time or it's too complicated and you decide that it's just not worth it, then you're missing out.
Look how I just saved my family tons of $ in just 2 days, even with all 3 kids with me most of the time.

Kris & I would love to show you how you can incorporate this into your schedule.
Does it take a lot of time? It is time consuming, but it doesn't rule my week.

If you'd like to learn how, please contact us with the link provided at the top of this blog.
Let us know & we'll keep you informed of upcoming classes.


$2 OFF Biore Cleanser Coupon

Biore is currently offering up a $2 OFF Cleanser coupon.

Go to Facebook (here), "like" them and then click on "Cleanser Face Off" tab to print yours.

Wait for an in-store sale or promotion to make it an even better savings.

Remember you can click your back back button twice to reset it & print a 2nd one.

Thanks, Hip2Save

FREE Degree Deodorant at Target

Looking for an extreme coupon deal on deodorant? Degree men’s deodorant is only $1.97! Combine your coupons to get it for free!

I have not confirmed this price, so make sure you check the shelf price first.

Remember that you can print 2 copies of each coupon, so you could get 2 FREE deodorants.

Degree Men’s Deodorant $1.97
Use $1.00/1 – Degree Men’s or Women’s Deodorant – (target.com)
And use $1.00/1 Men’s Deodorant from RP 3/27
Final Price: Free

Thanks, KCL

P&G brandSAMPLER -- Request FREE Samples

P&G brandSAMPLER is offering up new FREE samples and coupons! I was just able to request a couple new freebies through this link, so hopefully you will too! Just head on over there and login or register to get started. I was offered a FREE sample of Head & Shoulders, FREE sample of Prilosec AND a FREE sample of Always Ultra Thin and Dri-Liners. Let us know what freebies you get!

Thanks, Hip2Save

Monday, April 4

FREE Purex Laundry Detergent at Walgreens


Not many awesome deals at Walgreens for us in the Portland area.


Woot! Here is an Extreme Coupon deal on laundry detergent! Sign up HERE to get a free sample of Purex laundry detergent or print a $2.00/1 Purex Complete with Zout coupon. Use the coupon at Walgreens and get it for free!

Purex Complete with Zout Laundry Detergent $1.99
$2.00/1 – Purex Complete with Zout – (purex.com)
Final Price: FREE

Thanks, KCL

I went and Walgreens only carries regular Purex (not ZOUT) like stated in coupon.

I understand that there was a $2 MQ in a Sunday insert recently. However, I could not tell you which one or when.


Olay Soap $0.25 at Walgreens!

Correction in red below

There was a new P&G coupon for $2.00 off 1 Olay Product. Use it at Walgreens and score some cheap soap.

Buy 2 Olay Soap, 2 count bars $2.99
Buy One Get One 50% off
Use 2 $2.00/1 Olay Products from P&G 4/3
Final Price: $0.25 each when you buy 2

Thanks, KCL

I went and Olay 2pk bars are priced at $3.49ea BOGO 50%.

Sunday, April 3

FREE HP paper at Staples---AGAIN

Get a ream for your family & give a ream to your church or school!

Through April 9th, you can score FREE paper again at Staples…

*HP 8.5″ x 11″, Multipurpose Bright Paper, 500 sheets/ream $5.99
Use the $1/1 coupon found here (click on the “Office Supplies” category)
Pay $4.99
Submit for the $4.99 Easy Rebate (limit 2 rebates per household)
Final Cost = FREE Paper!

Your assignment at Rite Aid 4/3-9

OK, for those of you that haven't gotten started shopping at Rite Aid, this is a good week to do that.
Even if you have started, it's still a great week.

I'll put up more deals, but for a full list see KCL and Frugal Living NW.

For now, this is your assignment to get started earning +Ups and Single Check Rebates, plus getting some great deals.

This gets you started without needing coupons from pervious papers.
Remember you'll be out a bit up front, but you'll be able to keep these +Ups rolling into future deals.

Pick & choose what you want, but I suggest for sure doing the ones that generate the +Ups and SCRs.

Do these in 2 transactions so you can use +Ups from the 1st toward the 2nd.
Here's my suggestion:

Transaction #1:

Neilmed Nasdock Plus Drying Stand on sale $6
Buy 1, Get $6 +UP Reward
Pay $6, Get $6 +UPs
FREE after reward

Scunci Elastic Hair Bands (18 ct) on sale $1.99
Buy 1, Get $1.99 +UP Reward — limit 2 Pay $1.99, Get $1.99 +UPs
FREE after reward
(I have seen these unmarked, but they are on-sale with this +Up)

Use 2) $1OFF any non-prescription purchase Video Values (sign up & watch here)

Pay $5.99, get $7.99 in +Ups to use in transaction #2.

2nd Transaction:

Tena Ultra Thin Pads (32-42 ct) on sale $9.99
Buy 1, Get $9.99 Single Check Rebate
Use $2.50/1 coupon
Pay $7.49, Get $9.99 SCR
FREE with $2.50 overage after coupon & rebate

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power or Manual Razor on sale $9.99
Buy 1, Get $5 +UP Reward
Use $3/1 coupon from 4/3 P&G insert
Pay $6.99, Get $5 +UPs
$1.99 after coupon & reward

Zicam Cold Remedies, Allergy or Sinus Relief on sale BOGO $12.99
Buy 2 Use (2) $3/1 coupons
Use $2/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
$2.49 each after coupons when you buy 2
***There is a $5 SCR on Zicam Cold Sore Gel Swabs, they might be on a hanging arm near the regular Zicam****** This product is part of the BOGO Free and Allergy Rebate (Buy $25 in participating allergy --see ad--, get $5 +Ups)

Use $6 and $1.99 +Ups from Transaction #1
Pay $11.48, get back $5 +Ups from Gillette and submit for $9.99 SCR (Tena's), submit $5 SCR (Zicam Cold Sore Swabs)

After $17.47 OOP, you'll have $5 in +Ups to play with and a $14.99 SCR waiting for you. That makes this a $2.52 MONEYMAKER!!