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Wednesday, October 19

Great Target & Safeway Deals

I know, maybe you thought I dropped off the planet.
Maybe I went coo-coo & ran away.

Well, maybe I did, but I'm back just briefly!

I have a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm because of the deals I got today.
Maybe it's because I have been 'couponing' for a year now, I just don't excited about much these days.

Target: ALL of this for FREE PLUS I have a credit of $1.14 on a gift card!!!
Target has an unadvertised special on Curel Lotion, buy 2 get a $5 gift card.

I found an extra $2 MQ for the foot lotion at the store & made it into a MoneyMaker!!
I used the $5 Gift Card to buy the Candles/Spray and still have $1.14 left on the Gift Card!!

Curel Foot Lotion, $3.99
- $2 MQ
Curel Hand Lotion, $3.29
- $1 MQ
Paid $4.28 and got a $5 Gift Card

All the candles & spray were on clearance, plus various Target & Manuf. Coupon $3.86
- $5 Gift Card
Still have a balance of $1.14 on the card!!!

Woo Hoo!!! That was awesome!
To see more Target deals, visit Frugal Living NW

Safeway: $2.98
To top it off, a FREE Grande Starbucks drink Catalina printed, so while I was doing this transaction I had Alexis go to the Starbucks Kiosk in Safeway & get my FREE coffee going!!

Nivea Lip Care is $1 (until 10/25 I believe) and there were some rocking' coupons making them FREE or MoneyMakers especially with Safeway Doubles!!!

I did this in 2 transactions because you get a maximum of 4 coupons doubled at one time.

Starbucks Double Shot, $3.99 (with in-ad coupon) X2
- $2/2 Manufacturer Coupon
- $.50 Double Coupon
Nivea Lip Care, $1.00 x4
- 2 $1/1 Manufacturer Coupons from 10/2RP
-$3/2 Manufacturer Coupons from 10/2 RP
- $1.50 Double Coupon ($.50 x 3)
Total: $2.98

By 'buying' the Nivea Lip Care (+ doubles) it helped pay for the Double Shot, which of course will be included with Christmas Gift Baskets!!

The other Nivea Lip Cares in the photo were purchased to help lower the cost of my boring regular groceries!!

To see the rest of the Safeway Double Coupon deals, visit Frugal Living NW

Monday, August 22

$2 OFF 8th Continent Soy Milk

This is a great coupon!!
Copy & Paste from The Frugal Find:

This VERY popular $2/1 8th Continent Soy Milk Coupon is back! It’s good on the 1/2 gallon containers. These are regularly prices anywhere from $2.18 - $2.75 at Food Maxx, Winco, and Walmart! Let the site fully load and then a box will pop up – DO NOT get your coupon there, instead look in the very top right of the screen for this image…

The most recent price I checked was at Food Maxx and Winco:

8th Continent Soy Milk 1/2 Gallon – $2.28 / $2.58
$2/1 8th Continent Soy Milk
Final Price: $0.18

Last time this coupon was out I found it at Walmart as well…

8th Continent Soy Milk, 1/2 gallon, $2.73
$2/1 8th Continent Soy Milk
Final Price: $0.73

Thanks, The Frugal Find

Saturday, August 20

Safeway Deals for 8/17-8/23 ((Double Deals))

Remember that if the listings don't show using Safeway's Double Coupon (up to 4), add yours in.

This week's Safeway deals are brought to you by:

and click here to see a listing of all their Safeway posts.

Albertsons Deals for 8/17-8/23

I haven't heard/read any talk of Twice The Values coming to us this week.

This week's Albertsons deals are brought to you by:

Whole Foods Deals for 8/17-8/23

This week's Whole Foods deals are brought to you by:

There have only been a few times that my Whole Foods has had the same prices as in posts like these, word to the wise.

Walgreens Deals for 8/21-8/27

This week's deals are brought to you by:

Rite Aid Deals for 8/21-8/27

This week's Rite Aid deals are brought to you by:

Frugal Living NW (Courtesy of This Beautiful Frugal Life)

Hip2Save (new 8/21)

So far that's it, I'll add more as I see them.

Target Deals for 8/21-8/27

This weeks Target deals are brought to you by:

So far that's it, I'll add more when I see them.

Friday, August 19

Good Mail Day!!

Look what came in the mail!!!

This may not look like a whole bunch, but do you normally get FREE stuff & coupons in the mail? I don't.

What's missing is 2 Rebate checks totaling, $24.17!

The kit in back from Johnson & Johnson is a First Aid Kit (still available) & $15 coupon booklet!!

Purina ALPO Prime Cuts sample & coupon (NLA), we don't have a dog! I think my daughter signed me up for this one.

Garnier Moisture Rescue sample with coupon on reverse! NLA

$12.69 from Rite Aid, Compound W & Crest (see FLNW for past deal)
$11.48 from Staples, Easy Rebate (see earlier post for deal, towards bottom)
I only use my past rebate $ to buy present rebate deals, so no $ leaves my budget for these things!

Sunday, July 24

FREE Corazonas Oatmeal Squares @ Fred Meyer!!!

Note from Proverbs 3120 Project: I did this today, but was only able to get 3 (can print multiples). Since I want the max of 10, I asked the nice Fred Meyer employee to order a box just for me. If you find that your store has been wiped clean you can do the same. Also notice that the FM coupon doesn't expire until 8/16 and the manuf. coupon is good until 12/31.

Fred Meyer has released a new Extra Savings Booklet. You can pick up the booklet at customer service or at the entrance with the weekly ad. Here’s how you can get Oatmeal Squares for FREE:

Corazonas Oatmeal Squares on sale $1 with Extra Savings booklet coupon (page 19) (limit 10)
Use $1/1 coupon (Facebook)
FREE after coupon

Thanks, Frugal Chic Living and Frugal Living NW

Target Deals for 7/24-7/30

Why do we give you links to store deals instead of listing out the best deals here?

Well, we want to point you in the right direction, but just don't have the time or resources to do all that work & frankly why, when they all do it for us?

I know it can be overwhelming going site-to-site and most of the time the scenarios are the same, BUT sometimes they differ.

I recommend
1) Looking through the listings for whichever store you want
2) Jot down the deals you want to do & what coupons are needed
3) Check the other listings for those specific deals to see if they have links to better coupons
that happens frequently!

FINALLY here are the links for this week's deals at Target:

Make sure you check out Target's Coupon page on their website too. You can combine their Target Store Coupons (Target Web Coupon) with 1 Manufacturer Coupon!!

use $1/1 Manufacturer Coupon from the 7/17 SS
making them $1.79/box. STOCK UP price!!

Saturday, July 23

Rite Aid Deals for 7/24-30

Here are the links to this week's deals at Rite Aid:

see how they show you how to shop Rite Aid this week for $5 or less!

she highlights her favorite deals in RED

My advice: Look for stuff that has you spending very little money OOP (Out of Pocket) that will yield you +Ups (coupon that is good on your next purchase of anything) and then keep them 'rolling'.
Rolling is when you use a +Ups to pay for an item that generates another +Ups.

If you haven't checked into Rite Aid's Video Value program, I suggest you do.
It's so simple to save money. Just click here, watch a video, then save on the featured product.
You combine those coupons with Manufacturer's Coupons PLUS Rite Aid's own Store Coupons.
August's videos are up & available for you to watch!

Friday, July 22

TAZO Tea $1.79 at Target!!

I am a Passion Tea Lemonade junky!! Every time I'm at Target I check their Tazo Tea prices because usually they have the lowest price.

Well, I'll be making my 3rd trip there today because I have aquired a 3rd coupon to use!!

Tazo Tea, on sale for $2.79
use $1/1 Tazo Filterbag Tea or Latte (any), from 7/17 SS
Your price: $1.79

Now for me, that's a stock up price!! Especially when these can get near $4 box!
I'll check today to see how long the sale goes for, I was so excited at the price that I forgot to check.

Wednesday, July 20

Alexis' FREE Target deals & more back to school

To see a complete weekly back to school line up, go to Beautiful Frugal Life.

Alexis (my 8 year-old) has been wanting to do her own "deals" for sometime now, she was having a hard time understanding why she just couldn't do it right then when she the thought came to her.

She's starting to understand now that we wait for the deals to come along, and when they do, we pounce on them!!

So yesterday/today she did her 2nd/3rd round of FREEBIES!
She's going to keep one package of pens & donate the 2nd when the school supply drives start popping up.

Here's what she did:

Buy (2) Bic Cristal Pens $ .50 Use $1/2 Bic printable coupon (office supplies category) no longer available Final Price = 2 FREE

Bengay Original or Vanishing Scent $4.24, Regular Price

Use $5.00/1 – Bengay Product, excludes trial size – (coupons.com) Final Price: FREE!

Great job Alexis!!

Since I homeschool my kids I'm not obligated to buy your standard school supplies every year & we get to reuse a lot of materials that we didn't use up last year.
But our church does a school supply drive right before school starts & I love being able to give as much as we can!!

Here are a few more great school supply deals that I picked up.

RoseArt Washable Watercolor Paint, 16 ct $1.00

Scotch Magic Tape, Bonus size $0.50

Wet Ones, 15ct $0.97 - $0.99
use $0.50/1 Target coupon = $0.47 - $0.49

PaperMate Pens, $1.02-$1.12

use $1/1 Target Coupon (Stationery Category) = $0.02 - $0.12

Saturday, July 9

Walgreens Deals for 7/10-16

Frugal Living NW has posted the deals for Walgreens here.

Remember those of us in the Portland area DO NOT have the same Rewards program as the rest of the nation.

For the rest that are outside the PDX area, you may find these listings helpful:

Target Deals for 7/10-16

Here are this weeks deal:

I'll add more as they become available.

Remember to check out the New Target printable coupons

Rite Aid Deals for 7/10-16

Here are this weeks links to the Rite Aid Deals, 7/10-16:

Frugal Living NW (Courtesy of This Beautiful Frugal Life)

You can:
make money buying Compound W this week
make money buying Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield toothpaste
pay $0.99 for Clear Eyes
get free Noxema disposable razors (3-4ct)
and many food items for $1 or less!!

Staples Back to School Sales Week of 7/10

Here are the best deals at Staples starting next week, on July 10th. This list is courtest of Frugal Living & Having Fun, thanks!

One Penny Sale (Sunday – Wednesday) Limit 2 Each *$5 Minimum Purchase

  • Staples Arrowhead Cap Erasers (Pink) – 12/Pack – $0.01
  • Staples School Glue (4oz.) – $0.01
  • Bic Round Stic Ball Point Pens (Black 8/Pack) – $0.01

$0.25 Specials (All Week) Limit 2 Each

  • Slider Pencil Case Assorted Colors $0.25
  • Bic Student Choice Mechanical Pencils (5/Pack) – $0.25
  • Stickies 1/2″ Tape Flags (Assorted Colors) – $0.25
  • 2-Pocket Poly Folder (Assorted Colors) – $0.25

$1 Specials (All Week) Limit 2 Each

  • Staples Mini-Stapler (Assorted Colors) – $1
  • Staples Paper Clips (Assorted Colors and Sizes) – $1
  • Westcott 5″ Scissors (2/Pk.) – $1
  • Westcott 5″ Scissors 7″ – $1
  • Staples Glue Sticks 4/pk. – $1
  • Sharpie Permanent Markers – Fine Tip/Black 5/Pack – $1
  • Staples 3-Hole Binder Punch – $1
  • Staples Mini Writing Pads, Legal Ruled (3.5″ x 5.25″) Yellow 3/Pack – $1
  • Staples Letter-Size Writing Pad – $1
  • Staples 5.5″ x 4.25″ Fat Memmo Book (200 Sheets) – $1
  • Post-It Die-Cut Notes (2/Pk.) – $1
  • Top – Bound Journal With Pen (Assorted Colors) – $1

$2 Specials (All Week) Limit 2

  • Crayola Write Start Colored Pencils 8/Pack – $2
  • Staedtler Xcellence 10-piece Math Set – $2
  • Zebra Z-Grip Animal Print Ballpoint Retractable Pens 5/Pack – $2
  • Staples RollerBall Pens (0.7mm-black) 12/pk. – $2
  • Staples Hype Retractable Highlighters (4/pk.) Assorted – $2
  • Staples 3″x5″ Faux Leather Memo Book 80-Sheets – $2
  • Staples 3.4″ x 3.4″ memo Pad- Twirl – $2
Thanks, The Frugal Find

Easy Rebate Deals: (Limit 2)

Staples 8.5″ x 11″ Multipurpose Paper 500 Sheets/Ream – $5.99
Send-in for a $5.74 Staples Easy Rebate
Final Price: $0.25 each after Staples Easy Rebate

HP Everyday 8.5″ x 11″ Photo Paper (50/Pack) – $9.99
Send-In for a $8.99 Staples Easy Rebate
Final Price: $1 after Rebate

Saturday, July 2

No time for posting today

Hi friends!
I really don't feel like posting deals today, so I'm going to give you links to others that are more faithful than I.

Rite Aid, Walgreens deals are being posted today.
Frugal Living NW I know for sure has Rite Aid already.

Remember that tomorrow is a Holiday edition of the paper so no regular coupon inserts.
I do know that P&G has an insert in tomorrow's paper.
I haven't decided if I'm going to buy a paper just for that or not.

Have a great 4th of July, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!

The Krazy Coupon Lady


Frugal Living NW
Frugal Living NW

Thrifty & Thriving

This Beautiful Frugal Life

Thursday, June 30

Changes to Albertsons Releasing Their Twice The Value Coupons

Albertsons has made it official regarding the change to Twice the Value coupons being at customer service counters. Here’s what they have released in an e-mail:

As I’m sure you’ve seen on our Facebook page, we’re currently reevaluating the way we share coupons with our shoppers. We’re really excited that so many shoppers are enthusiastic about our Twice the Value coupons at certain Albertsons IMW locations, and we’ve seen a significant increase in shoppers who are using them.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many people taking advantage of this special offer, so we’ve decided to stop providing extra inserts at our store locations. As of July 17th, the only way to have access to the promotional inserts that include our Twice the Value coupons will be to purchase a Sunday newspaper. I want to make it clear that we’re still offering and honoring our Twice the Value coupons, but to limit the number of shoppers who are using more than three in any given shopping trip we will not have extra coupons at our store locations.

Our stores in Montana and Wyoming have a historically low redemption rate of our special Twice the Value coupons, so in these specific markets we’ve decided discontinue offering our special savings inserts in Sunday newspapers as well. Since shoppers in these stores don’t appear to be finding value in these coupons, we’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to try new ways to share savings and value with our customers.

Thanks, Frugal Living NW

Start asking your parents, friends & neighbors for their inserts if they don't use them.

Another bummer couponing change (like Rite Aid's BOGO coupon change), BUT we'll get over it and it won't be a big deal.

Monday, June 27

My Great Albertson's Trips!!

This was a great week at Albertson's, doggone it!
I love Albies TTV (Twice The Values), but it's also a bit stressful for me because I take ALL 3 of my kids!
There's a lot of arguing amongst them, but we make it out with having spent barely any money.

I keep getting pestered (I mean.....talked to) by my children, dinner is waiting to be prepared so my listing may not be as easy to read as I'd like it to be.

Do not dismay, you can find all the deals yourself (clearly explained) in the 3 postings I got them from:

Here are my awesome deals!!
I spend a total of $7.14 and still have a $5 Catalina to spend next time

Transaction #1/2:
Fiber One Bars are generating a $2.00 Catalina (good on next purchase) AND a $5.00 Catalina (good on next purchase). To see the great deal, go here.
Thanks to our awesome Apartment Complex office lady, she let me print a 2nd set of coupons because I forgot to print them on my hubbies before he took his laptop.
Fiber One Bars, 2/$5
used 3 TTV's, $3.00
TOTAL: $4.75, plus have a $2 & $5 Catalina

Carapelli Olive Oil, on sale $4.99
used $1/1 MQ Carapelli Oil + TTV = $2.99
used $2 catalina from pervious transaction
Total: $0.99, still have $5 Catalina left

Transaction #3: $1.39
McCormick Grill Mates Marinade, 2 were $1.oo
used $1/2 MQ found in Albertson's Sizzlin Summer Savings Coupon Booklet (pictured here)
3rd packet, on sale for $1.39
used 1 TTV, $1.00
TOTAL: $1.39

Transaction #4: $1.00!!!
That's right.

Danimals on sale for $2ea with a promo Buy 4 get a FREE milk

used 4) $1/1 Danimals MQ from 6/5 SS insert
used 3 TTV's, $3

Milk was deducted automatically.

TOTAL: $1.00

Transaction #5: FREE

Athenos Greek Style Yogurt on sale $1 each
Mini Oreo Grab 'n Go Cups, $1 each

used 2-$1/2 MQ Atheno's
used $1/2 Nabisco Products from 6/19 SS insert
used 3 TTV's ($3)
TOTAL: $0.00

Saturday, June 25

Safeway Deals for 6/22-28 (DOUBLE COUPON DEALS)

Every Tuesday Safeway comes out with a new ad that more often than not, has a Double Coupon in it.
Grocery store ads run Wednesday-Tuesday, so when you pick up the Tuesday ad you can't use it until Wednesday.

Most of the time there are extra ads directly in the inside of the entrances.

Safeway Double Coupons double UP TO $0.50 on each coupon, max of 4.

Of course if the coupon states "Do Not Double" (DND), then they won't do it.
They also have a policy on NOT doubling internet printed coupons.

Sometimes I have a checker that will & sometimes they won't. I try just in case, because you just never know. Unless you have a favorite checker that you go to every time!

To see the listings, visit:

New Seasons Deals for 6/22-28

I know, I'm sorry I'm sorry.
This week's New Seasons deals are actually for 6/22-28, but since I only post these deal links once a week on a regular basis we're a bit late.

Frugal Living NW has your weekly listing, here.

Albertsons Twice the Value Deals for 6/26-28

We're getting Twice The Value's (TTV) again tomorrow.

Cheer, applause & high-fives!!

These TTV's will double the value of a max of 3 manufacturer coupons (MQ), up to $1 each. If your MQ is $1.01+, then you will be sorely disappointed because they will not double those. They are valid Sunday, 6/26-Tuesday 6/28.

Frugal Living NW has quite a few posts dedicated to the grrrrreat deals that will be had this week.

So far she has 3 different posts. It's definitely worth the time to check out what they've found.
Some people print the whole listing, but I don't get as much stuff so I make one big Albie's list as I'm going through her posts.

To see the listings, visit:

Of course these prices reflect Albertsons ad for 6/22-28, but the TTV's are valid from 6/26-28.

Walgreens Deals for 6/26-7/2

Walgreens Deals for this week (6/26-7/2) are posted.

I'll give you all the links that are available, but if you're in the Portland area just Frugal Living NW would be the best resource for you since she reflects are 'test program'.
Those of us in the Portland area do not receive the same Register Rewards (RR), but 'Bonus Points'.
Waste of time if you ask me, but I guess some people like them.

To see the various listings, visit:

That's it so far.....

Target Deals for 6/26-7/2

Here are this week's Target deals (6/26-7/2).
Unless it's in their ad, some Target prices vary within the same city. Remember to be prepared to walk away W/O buying anything if the price is not what you're willing to spend.

To see the listings, visit:

Be on the lookout for Target coupon booklets.
I usually find them by asking the pharmacists, sometimes they have them & sometimes they don't.

Rite Aid Deals for 6/26-7/2

This week's deals are up for Rite Aid.

Frugal Living NW (courtesy of Beautiful Frugal Life)

Remember that if something is FREE or nearly FREE and maybe your family doesn't need/use it, consider getting them to give away to a charity or shelter near you.

I'll post more links as they become available.

Remember to watch all your Video Values offers for the month of June. All of these videos will be removed on Saturday June 25th at 9 PM PST and will be unavailable to watch. If you watch them before then, the coupons will stay in your account until they expire.