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Monday, June 27

My Great Albertson's Trips!!

This was a great week at Albertson's, doggone it!
I love Albies TTV (Twice The Values), but it's also a bit stressful for me because I take ALL 3 of my kids!
There's a lot of arguing amongst them, but we make it out with having spent barely any money.

I keep getting pestered (I mean.....talked to) by my children, dinner is waiting to be prepared so my listing may not be as easy to read as I'd like it to be.

Do not dismay, you can find all the deals yourself (clearly explained) in the 3 postings I got them from:

Here are my awesome deals!!
I spend a total of $7.14 and still have a $5 Catalina to spend next time

Transaction #1/2:
Fiber One Bars are generating a $2.00 Catalina (good on next purchase) AND a $5.00 Catalina (good on next purchase). To see the great deal, go here.
Thanks to our awesome Apartment Complex office lady, she let me print a 2nd set of coupons because I forgot to print them on my hubbies before he took his laptop.
Fiber One Bars, 2/$5
used 3 TTV's, $3.00
TOTAL: $4.75, plus have a $2 & $5 Catalina

Carapelli Olive Oil, on sale $4.99
used $1/1 MQ Carapelli Oil + TTV = $2.99
used $2 catalina from pervious transaction
Total: $0.99, still have $5 Catalina left

Transaction #3: $1.39
McCormick Grill Mates Marinade, 2 were $1.oo
used $1/2 MQ found in Albertson's Sizzlin Summer Savings Coupon Booklet (pictured here)
3rd packet, on sale for $1.39
used 1 TTV, $1.00
TOTAL: $1.39

Transaction #4: $1.00!!!
That's right.

Danimals on sale for $2ea with a promo Buy 4 get a FREE milk

used 4) $1/1 Danimals MQ from 6/5 SS insert
used 3 TTV's, $3

Milk was deducted automatically.

TOTAL: $1.00

Transaction #5: FREE

Athenos Greek Style Yogurt on sale $1 each
Mini Oreo Grab 'n Go Cups, $1 each

used 2-$1/2 MQ Atheno's
used $1/2 Nabisco Products from 6/19 SS insert
used 3 TTV's ($3)
TOTAL: $0.00


  1. I hear ya. I took my 3 kiddos today too! But the Albies deals this week were just too amazing to miss. (Although at 10AM on a Monday morning, the shelves were cleared out of the Fiber One and Nature Valley bars. Didn't get to do that killer deal.) :( Oh, well. Can't win 'em all!

  2. Bummer! Thankfully I'm near 4-5 Albie's stores & when a deal is worth it, I will go from store to store.
    Didn't have to this time.

    Like your attitude though, can't win 'em all. It's just stuff!

  3. Oh, Marissa, check when they get in their shipments.
    There might be more on the shelves today.