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Saturday, June 25

Safeway Deals for 6/22-28 (DOUBLE COUPON DEALS)

Every Tuesday Safeway comes out with a new ad that more often than not, has a Double Coupon in it.
Grocery store ads run Wednesday-Tuesday, so when you pick up the Tuesday ad you can't use it until Wednesday.

Most of the time there are extra ads directly in the inside of the entrances.

Safeway Double Coupons double UP TO $0.50 on each coupon, max of 4.

Of course if the coupon states "Do Not Double" (DND), then they won't do it.
They also have a policy on NOT doubling internet printed coupons.

Sometimes I have a checker that will & sometimes they won't. I try just in case, because you just never know. Unless you have a favorite checker that you go to every time!

To see the listings, visit:

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