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Saturday, July 23

Rite Aid Deals for 7/24-30

Here are the links to this week's deals at Rite Aid:

see how they show you how to shop Rite Aid this week for $5 or less!

she highlights her favorite deals in RED

My advice: Look for stuff that has you spending very little money OOP (Out of Pocket) that will yield you +Ups (coupon that is good on your next purchase of anything) and then keep them 'rolling'.
Rolling is when you use a +Ups to pay for an item that generates another +Ups.

If you haven't checked into Rite Aid's Video Value program, I suggest you do.
It's so simple to save money. Just click here, watch a video, then save on the featured product.
You combine those coupons with Manufacturer's Coupons PLUS Rite Aid's own Store Coupons.
August's videos are up & available for you to watch!

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