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Wednesday, October 19

Great Target & Safeway Deals

I know, maybe you thought I dropped off the planet.
Maybe I went coo-coo & ran away.

Well, maybe I did, but I'm back just briefly!

I have a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm because of the deals I got today.
Maybe it's because I have been 'couponing' for a year now, I just don't excited about much these days.

Target: ALL of this for FREE PLUS I have a credit of $1.14 on a gift card!!!
Target has an unadvertised special on Curel Lotion, buy 2 get a $5 gift card.

I found an extra $2 MQ for the foot lotion at the store & made it into a MoneyMaker!!
I used the $5 Gift Card to buy the Candles/Spray and still have $1.14 left on the Gift Card!!

Curel Foot Lotion, $3.99
- $2 MQ
Curel Hand Lotion, $3.29
- $1 MQ
Paid $4.28 and got a $5 Gift Card

All the candles & spray were on clearance, plus various Target & Manuf. Coupon $3.86
- $5 Gift Card
Still have a balance of $1.14 on the card!!!

Woo Hoo!!! That was awesome!
To see more Target deals, visit Frugal Living NW

Safeway: $2.98
To top it off, a FREE Grande Starbucks drink Catalina printed, so while I was doing this transaction I had Alexis go to the Starbucks Kiosk in Safeway & get my FREE coffee going!!

Nivea Lip Care is $1 (until 10/25 I believe) and there were some rocking' coupons making them FREE or MoneyMakers especially with Safeway Doubles!!!

I did this in 2 transactions because you get a maximum of 4 coupons doubled at one time.

Starbucks Double Shot, $3.99 (with in-ad coupon) X2
- $2/2 Manufacturer Coupon
- $.50 Double Coupon
Nivea Lip Care, $1.00 x4
- 2 $1/1 Manufacturer Coupons from 10/2RP
-$3/2 Manufacturer Coupons from 10/2 RP
- $1.50 Double Coupon ($.50 x 3)
Total: $2.98

By 'buying' the Nivea Lip Care (+ doubles) it helped pay for the Double Shot, which of course will be included with Christmas Gift Baskets!!

The other Nivea Lip Cares in the photo were purchased to help lower the cost of my boring regular groceries!!

To see the rest of the Safeway Double Coupon deals, visit Frugal Living NW

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