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Friday, August 19

Good Mail Day!!

Look what came in the mail!!!

This may not look like a whole bunch, but do you normally get FREE stuff & coupons in the mail? I don't.

What's missing is 2 Rebate checks totaling, $24.17!

The kit in back from Johnson & Johnson is a First Aid Kit (still available) & $15 coupon booklet!!

Purina ALPO Prime Cuts sample & coupon (NLA), we don't have a dog! I think my daughter signed me up for this one.

Garnier Moisture Rescue sample with coupon on reverse! NLA

$12.69 from Rite Aid, Compound W & Crest (see FLNW for past deal)
$11.48 from Staples, Easy Rebate (see earlier post for deal, towards bottom)
I only use my past rebate $ to buy present rebate deals, so no $ leaves my budget for these things!

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