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Tuesday, April 5

Why couponing is so great for your family!!

Last week I couldn't have cared less about doing any couponing deals.
I really don't know what I missed & that's OK with me, some weeks are like that.

This week has been great so far & it's only been 2 days. I don't do any shopping on Sundays so that's why it's only been 2 days for me.

You'll need to click on the photos to see them up close, I'm having trouble with iPhoto right now. When I fix it, then I'll get them fixed here.

DAY 1:

The paper I got at Staples for FREE (after rebate/coupons), however I used previous rebate $, so no money left my wallet!

The rest of the stuff is from Rite Aid, oh I had a blast!!
After coupons, +Ups & rebates I will make $16.57!! But you could really say I got all of these products PLUS $16.57 because once again I paid for all of those items at the register using previous rebate $.


DAY 1 Con't:

Onto Albertsons

I did this in 2 transactions at 2 different stores.
All in total I paid $6.50, plus I also have 2 coupons for FREE milk to use later.


Monday was a HUGE day, it only cost me $6.50 for all of that!

DAY 2:

Albertsons (yes, again)
This cost me $4, notice the M&Ms? There were peelie coupons on the Rice Krispies for FREE M&Ms at checkout. PLUS 2 more coupons for FREE milk.


Now, if you've seen the Kelloggs deal (here) you'll see how I did it.

Kelloggs is also offering a rebate of $10 for every 10 boxes you buy (select kinds). This is a program that is going all year so you don't have to buy them right now, but I would suggest soon. They may end the program early, you just never know. Go here for details on the rebate program.

So now I have acquired 10+ of the participating boxes & will get a $10 gift card soon.

Tuesday cost me $4!

Then all this came in the mail Monday & Tuesday.
Always send away for free things in the mail, my pile is huge with this stuff and they're great little gifts if you don't use them.
Plus, a lot of times you'll get some great coupons!


I may be all couponed out this week, but look at what I got in 2 days with only spending $10.50 OOP (out of pocket).

If you think you don't have time or it's too complicated and you decide that it's just not worth it, then you're missing out.
Look how I just saved my family tons of $ in just 2 days, even with all 3 kids with me most of the time.

Kris & I would love to show you how you can incorporate this into your schedule.
Does it take a lot of time? It is time consuming, but it doesn't rule my week.

If you'd like to learn how, please contact us with the link provided at the top of this blog.
Let us know & we'll keep you informed of upcoming classes.



  1. Way to go...I thought I had a good week but yours was amazing! Wanted to let you and Chris (since she said she loves them) know that at Target right now the men's dove body wash is on clearance for $1.98 and there is a $1.00 off coupon on target.com right now so that makes them .$98 I totally stocked up on this deal. There are also $1.00 off coupons from one of the RP or Smartsource but seeing as I cut mine up I have no idea which one ;-)

  2. Thanks for the tip.
    Remember you can stack those coupons, Target & Manufacturer's.