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Thursday, April 7

Great Deal on High Quality Ground Beef

For the past year or so I've been buying my chicken and ground beef from Zaycon Foods, a NW distributor of high quality meat. About 4 times a year they deliver ground beef to the Portland area, and about 4 times a year they deliver boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The next delivery is ground beef, and you must place your order by April 18 (or earlier, in case they run out). Here is my experience with this company:

I've ordered chicken twice and ground beef once. They sell their chicken in 40-lb boxes. It seems like a large amount, but my family of 4 can easily go through the entire box in 3 or 4 months. The chicken was $1.59/lb last time it was delivered, which is unbeatable! It comes fresh (never frozen), and I plan to spend a few hours on the day I pick it up trimming, cooking, shredding, chopping, sealing and freezing it. Then I'm all set for the next few months. Their chicken has no added hormones, additives or aritifical ingredients.

The ground beef comes in 10-lb chubs of fresh (never frozen), finely ground meat. You can buy either 93/7 super lean for $2.89/lb or 86/14 lean for $2.69/lb. I bought the 93/7 and was very pleased with the quality and grind of the meat. Again, I broke it down into 1-lb portions and froze it. Their ground beef is USA raised; no chemicals, additives or water added during processing; no hormones or antibiotics; grain-fed cattle. You must purchase your beef in 30-lb increments, I believe. Remember, they're packaged in 10-lb chubs. You can easily share the order with friends this way. I bought 20 lbs for my family and my mom bought the other 10 lbs.

I just received the e-mail from Zaycon today informing me of the upcoming ground beef event. If you're at all interested, visit their website and register. You'll get information about the upcoming event. Locally they'll be delivering in Oregon City and Salem on April 20. They bring a refrigerated truck to one location in the city and you go there and pick up your order.

I highly recommend this company's products, based on my experience. The super lean ground beef usually sells for around $3.99/lb at Fred Meyer, and I've never found a better price on chicken breasts, even at Costco!

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