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Wednesday, April 6

How to Make Money on Your Medications

I know, it sounds crazy.  With the prices of medications skyrocketing, how in the world could you make money buying them? 

If you have prescriptions filled regularly, like your child's flouride for example, you can transfer those prescriptions from pharmacy to pharmacy and earn money doing it.  This works best if you have good pharmacy benefits or if the prescription(s) you are taking is part of a store's $4 prescription list (like at Walmart or Target).  Here's what I do:

1) Get new prescription from my doctor
2) Take that prescription to Target and use my "Free $10 Gift Card with purchase of a new or transferred prescription" coupon
3) Once my prescription has run out, I take my Target medication bottle to Fred Meyer, Rite Aid or QFC (whichever pharmacy is having a promotion like the Target one) and ask them to transfer my prescription. 
4) If there is currently no promotion at another store, I will refill it at Target until I find another promotion going on.  DO NOT transfer it until you have a coupon (or know of a promotion at Fred Meyer, where they don't require a coupon).
5) Continue transferring your prescription until you have had it filled at all the stores that do this promotion.  Here are the ones I know of:
  • Fred Meyer - $25 for each transferred prescription (through May 14).  The $25 is given to you in the form of a credit on your rewards card, which may be used on any purchase of $25 or more when you use your rewards card.  Make sure you mention to the pharmacy tech when you pick up your prescription that this is a transfer, and they will scan a special barcode that gives you the $25 credit.
  • Target - $10 for each NEW or transferred prescription (must have coupon; can get as many gift cards as you want, as long as you have enough coupons for each prescription).  This is the only pharmacy that I know of that will give you a gift card for a NEW prescription, so always start the cycle here, and transfer it from here to another pharmacy.
  • Rite Aid - $25 for a transferred prescription.  You will receive a $25 gift card for Rite Aid.  I haven't seen one of these coupons in a while, so I'm not sure if they are participating any more.  If the coupons come out, they'll be in their Sunday store ad.  If you see one, use it before Fred Meyer, because the Rite Aid ones are rarer.
  • Albertsons - $25 for each transferred prescription.  You'll receive a $25 Albertsons gift card.  These are also fairly infrequent, but totally worth it when they come around.
  • QFC - $25 for each transferred prescription.  I believe you can only do this one if you aren't transferring the prescription from another Kroger affiliate store (Fred Meyer, for example).  The information about these will be in the QFC store ad.

I used to get all my prescriptions through the mail order pharmacy because it was easier.  Now, I get everything from the retail pharmacies and transfer them as often as I can.  If you have a current prescription at a pharmacy other than Fred Meyer, and it has refills available on it, try transferring it to Fred Meyer sometime before May 14 and get your credit.  You can transfer as many different prescriptions as you'd like.

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