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Sunday, May 1

I will NEVER trash talk Rite Aid!!

But you probably already know of my devotion to Rite Aid (after God, Husband & Kids....Rite Aid is pretty close).

Here's what I did at 2 Rite Aids & 4 Transactions (total)

$0.97!!! Yup, that's right 97cents!!!

I'm not gonna break it down for you like I have in the past.....takes WAY too much time.

I got all my ideas from the links I gave you on Saturday, titled Rite Aid Deals for 5/1-7.

Transaction #1:
TOTAL: $0.00
I used:
$3/1 Tide Peelie - Rite Aid Coupon
$5 in MQ's
$10.88 in +Ups

Transaction #2:
TOTAL: $0.43

I used:
$7.50 in MQ's
$7 in +Ups - ($6 was from previous transaction)

Transaction #3:
TOTAL: $0.54

I used NO MQ's here
but I did use
$13 in +Ups ($8 from previous transaction)

Transaction #4:
TOTAL: $0.00

Air Heads (20cents) were purchased to bring total up enough to use my $0.88 +Up

I used:
$3.50 in MQ's
$13.88 in +Ups ($12 from previous transaction)

Ending the day with $10 in +Ups AND 3 more $3/$15 Survey Slips!!!

So that, my friends, is why you won't hear me trash talk Rite Aid!!

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