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Monday, April 11

Rite Aid is the place to beat!!

I'm sorry that I gush about Rite Aid so much, I just can't help it!!
I'm also sorry if there is no Rite Aid near you, I don't mean to make you covetous so if you might have a problem with that, please skip this post.....

You're still here? Great, then lets get started!
This is somewhat similar to Kris' post of her Rite Aid trip (here), but I didn't have all the same coupons and I did some extra stuff.

Transaction #1:

1) AMO Complete Multipurpose Contact Solution, 12oz $7.99
2) Snickers Cream Eggs, 2/$1
1) Downy Liquid 60 load, $4.99
2) Gillette Men's Body Wash, $5.98
1) Stayfree Pads AND 1) Carefree Liners, 2/$5
2) Tampax B1G1 1/2 off, $12.73 (didn't buy to make $, just a good deal)
Sub-Total: $37.69

Used $1/1 AMO MQ from the 4/3 SS
Used $1/2 Mars Easter Candy MQ from the 4/10 RP
Used $1/1 Downy MQ from P&G coupon mailer
Used BOGO Gillette Body Wash from the 4/3 PG
Used $2/2 Stayfree/Carefree coupon found here (this will beep, but read the coupon it's valid)
Used $1/1 Tampax from the 4/3 PG
Used $2/1 Tampax from the 4/3 PG
Sub-Total: $26.70

I paid with $21.98 in +Ups that I had earned last week, so $4.72 OOP (out-of-pocket)! I even used rebate $ that I had earned in previous purchases.

In return, I received:
(2) $2 +Ups for the Gillette Body Wash,
$2 +Ups for Stayfree/Carefree &
$1 +Ups for the Downy = $7 +Ups.
AND there is a $7.99 SCR (single check rebate) on the contact solution.

Not a HUGE MM (money maker), but then with a couple items I was only looking to Spend Less so that brought my MM total down.

This also printed out a notice to fill out a survey on-line for which I get a $3/$15 ($3 off a purchase of $15+ at Rite Aid).

Transaction #2:

1) Biore Pore Strips, $7.99
2) Biore Foam Cleanser, $15.98
2) Gillette Men's Body Wash, $5.98
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo & Conditioner, $10
John Frieda Root Awakenings Shampoo & Conditioner, $10
Sub-Total: $49.95

Used Buy 1 Biore Pore Strips & get 1 Cleanser FREE, MQ from the 3/6 SS (-$7.99)
Used 2) $2 OFF Biore Cleanser Facebook coupon (here) (-$4)
***I accidentally used 2, I should've only used 1 but didn't catch it, neither did the cashier*** I only give it to you so my math checks out
Used BOGO Gillette Men's Body Wash MQ from the 4/3 PG (-$2.99)
Used 3) $2/1 John Frieda MQ's from 3/6 SS (-$6)
Used 1) $2/1 John Frieda Root Awakenings MQ's (here) (-$2)
Used $2/$10 Hair Care Coupon (April Video Values) (-$2)
Sub-Total: $24.97

I paid with the $7 +Ups that I earned in Transaction #1

Total: $17.97, most of this I used Rebate $ I had earned from previous purchases. Paying out of my own pocket, OOP $7!!!

In return, I received:
(2) $2 +Ups for the Gillette,
$10 +Ups for buying $20+ in Biore Products,
$10 +Ups for buying $20+ in John Frieda

I started the day with $22 +Ups and ended the day with $24 +Ups, having spent $7 out of my own pocket. That's what a call some great deals!!

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