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Tuesday, May 3

The Ultimate Couponer's Magazine - ALL YOU

Ever heard of All You magazine?  This is one of those magazines that us couponers drool over!  It's absolutely chock full of coupons.  Right now, you can get a two-year subscription for only $16.66!  This is an incredible price!  Or you can choose a one-year subscription for only $9.79.

This deal is available when you purchase your subscription through Ebates, and online shopping site.  Ebates gives you cash back on purchases made through their site.  Right now they're offering 51% cash back on magazine subscriptions. 

Check out Frugal Living NW's post with more detailed instructions on this amazing deal!  I got my subscription through Ebates a while back, and this is an even better deal than what I got.  If you're interested, you can check out the magazine at Walmart (that's the only store you can find it in) or check out the All You website here.  You can also learn more about Ebates here.

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