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Friday, June 10

My Rite Aid Savings!

I received a lovely email from Rite Aid regarding my Wellness+ Savings year to date.
You can sign up to receive your statement via email as well.
Just activate your wellness+ online account here.

I know I save a boatload of $ shopping at Rite Aid, but it's so awesome to see it tallied for me.
Notice the difference between my savings & "average wellness+ member savings".
Quite the difference, but honestly I don't see how you could shop there & not save more.

Your total May wellness+ Savings is:$486.08
Annual Savings - YTD as of 5/31/11 Average wellness+ Member Savings
10% Rite Aid Brand Discount$0.00$0.57
Weekly Circular Discounts$480.42$14.83
+UP Rewards Earned1$346.60$2.27
Total Discounts$827.02$17.67

So are you interested in saving money at Rite Aid? Are you interested in getting things for FREE or next to nothing? For your family or others in need?

Go to Riteaid.com & sign up for a wellness+ account (their loyalty card program), print out your temporary card & start shopping. You'll get a plastic card shortly.

Check our blog on Saturdays for the coming weeks deals & have fun!

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