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Thursday, May 26

4 FREE photo books EVERY month from HotPrints!!

Yes, you heard right! 4 FREE Photo Books EVERY month over at HotPrints.com, choose from 20 theme designs!

Now, these aren't glamorous books like Shutterfly or anything, but they're still cool.
They are in magazine style, so no hard cover or thick pages.
But for FREE, it's a great deal.
All you pay is shipping, $2.99.

It's been about a year since I've done one so the steps may have changed, but I know you're all bright people & can figure it out.

1. Sign Up
2. Hover your mouse over "Create", then click on "PhotoBook"
3. Select your theme
4. Select your photos & design your book

These will be perfect for Father's Day, School Year, Summer Fun etc.

You get 4 credits each month, once the month is over so are your 4 free books for that month.
Then you start over with 4 more free books.

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