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Wednesday, April 20

Winco Deals for 4/13, Still good?

I just stumbled onto a post from Frugal Find giving us a deals post for Winco, however the date is for 4/13.
I'm a regular shopper at Winco & HARDLY EVER use coupons there because, well I just don't frequently stock my cupboards with sugar cereals & processed foods.
I buy a lot of stuff in bulk because it's still cheaper than even their store brand.

Honestly, with other store's coupons and the promos they have along with Double Coupons, better deals can be had elsewhere.

I was excited to see this post about some good deals that CAN be had at Winco.
I'm hoping the prices are still in effect, but even so to be able to use useful coupons is thrilling to me.
So what if I'm easily excited about spending less! That's what we're all about, Spend Less!

Go check out Frugal Find's post here.

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