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Friday, April 29

Great question from a reader of GIVING!

I just got a message from a reader about giving:

    • I noticed the subtitle "Spend less, Give more." May I ask how you determine what you're going to give based on your savings? Is it an everything you didn't spend you give concept, or a percentage? I'm trying to make some decisions regarding this and wonder what other people do. If it's too personal a question, please don't feel obligated to answer. I understand. Thank you!
  • Charlie Hall Daggett
    a few seconds ago
    • My response:
      I'm glad you're interested!
      Since I started couponing I have allotted about $5/month for giving.
      Before, I gave only at Thanksgiving time or other fundraiser type stuff.
      I make that $5 go extremely far with over the counter meds, food, toiletries to baby supplies.
      I have been able to give 12 bottles of formula that cost me $0.50 a piece and also cereals etc that cost less than $1 each.

      So I don't give out of my leftover grocery budget, I have $5 just for giving & I see what I can get for FREE or nearly free so that I can give it away.

      So many times there are items that you can get for free or cheap, but you may skip past those because that's not something your family uses. Chances are someone does, so pick it up (if it's in your budget) and give it away.

      We have a link to various locations that will take certain items.
      Check it out here:Give More.

      Please leave your comments with how you determine how much to give....

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